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SpeedUp Lashes (Easy Fan)

SpeedUp Lashes (Easy Fan)

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Our SpeedUp Lashes are more than just eyelashes - they are a work of art made from extremely light Korean fibers. Whether volume in 2D or other volume methods, our SpeedUp lashes will exceed your expectations. They are the perfect replica of natural eyelashes and set standards in terms of quality and technology.

The double layer technique makes creating a fan easier than ever before. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned professional, our SpeedUp lashes are suitable for everyone. With the Easy Fan technique you can create fans effortlessly and increase your work speed.

Each strip has a silver carrier film on the back, making it easy to remove the eyelash extensions.

Experience the future of eyelash extensions with us and order today!

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Optimization of working time and costs in eyelash extensions

The average material used for an eyelash extension worth €80 is around €4, which corresponds to a share of 5%. However, the biggest effort with this beauty application is the working time, which can vary between 60 and 90 minutes.

This is where our SpeedUp Lashes, also known as EasyFan Lashes, come into play. With these innovative eyelash products you can reduce your working time by up to 50%, at only slightly higher costs. These groundbreaking lashes not only enable you to work more efficiently, but also ensure outstanding results.

Invest in the future of your eyelash extension practice by choosing SpeedUp Lashes. A time- and cost-efficient solution that will not only optimize your workflows, but also delight your customers with impressive results. Treat yourself to the advantage of innovative products and increase the efficiency of your services