Products for professional eyelash stylists

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At BJULITY we understand the importance of precision and perfection in eyelash extensions and we are proud to offer you a select range of professional eyelash stylist products of the highest quality.

Our product range:

Artificial eyelashes for different modelings:

Our artificial eyelashes are available in various lengths, thicknesses and curves to meet the individual needs and preferences of your customers. Whether you want a natural look or a dramatic look, BJULITY offers the perfect eyelash for every look.

Special eyelash glue:

The eyelash glue developed by BJULITY is characterized by its long durability and strong adhesion without damaging the natural eyelashes. With a fast drying time and minimal fumes, our glue is ideal for comfortable and efficient work.

Eyelash tweezers:

Precision and comfort are essential for any eyelash extension. Our ergonomically designed eyelash tweezers fit perfectly in the hand and allow for precise application of the eyelashes. They are available in different designs to support all eyelash extension techniques.

Accessories for professional eyelash extensions:

BJULITY offers a wide range of accessories to make your work as an eyelash stylist easier. From high-quality eyelash pads to practical adhesive palettes - with us you will find everything you need for an efficient and successful treatment.


Our over 15 years of experience and extensive know-how in the industry ensure that every BJULITY product meets the highest quality standards. We know what it takes to achieve the best results and satisfy your customers. By choosing BJULITY eyelash products, you are choosing reliability, innovation and excellence.

Rely on BJULITY – your professional solution for stunning eyelash extensions. Convince yourself of the quality and variety of our products and take your services to the next level.