BJULITY is a beauty and lifestyle brand for professionals
Beauticians and women. The brand was founded by Julita
Bierek, which has set itself the goal of high quality and reliable
Cosmetics and care products as well as training in the cosmetics sector
to offer.

Today, in addition to cosmetic products and training, the BJULITY brand also offers trendy fashion products for fashion-conscious women.

How BJULITY's journey began...

  • In 2017, Julita Bierek had been working in the beauty sector with a focus on eyelash extensions for over 10 years and was always looking for high-quality products for professional eyelash extensions.

  • Due to fluctuations in quality and a lack of special products, she decided to contact the manufacturers directly, test their products and have her first product line produced.

  • Over time, the product range expanded and the eyelash products began to be sold to other cosmetic studios - the eyelash label LASH GANG was born.

  • In the years that followed, the product range expanded, new special products such as SPEED-UP-LASHES were developed and eyelash care products and clothing for eyelash stylists were added.

  • In addition, the first training courses for eyelash extensions and eyelash laminations were offered and collaboration with partner studios began.

  • The product portfolio continued to grow and it was decided to include products outside of eyelash extensions in the future - it was time to find a more suitable name.

  • In 2023 the time had come and the BJULITY brand was founded. Existing products were rebranded and new products were developed and added.

  • Today BJULITY is a beauty and lifestyle brand with the goal of making the world a little more beautiful for fashion-conscious women!

Die Marke BJULITY - Wer wir sind und was uns antreibt!