Special eyelashes with M-Culre "M-Lashes"

M-Lashes - 0.07 minklashes with M-bow



Our high-quality eyelashes with M-curve are specially developed for professional eyelash stylists.

Field of use:

Foxy eye, eyeliner effect, whispy effect

Premium M Wimpern für Professionelle Wimpernverlängerung

Perfect for the latest trending techniques such as the foxy eye look, whispy effect and eyeliner effect, these exquisite mink lashes perfectly mimic the natural eye structure and offer remarkable durability.
Eyelash extensions with the M arch are particularly durable and ideal for customers for whom other eyelashes do not adhere optimally.

They conceal drooping eyelids and optically enlarge the eyes. These eyelash extensions are particularly suitable for women. Experience the difference in terms of longevity and durability.

The deep black velvet color gives the eyelashes an intense depth and emphasizes the eyes in a fascinating way.
These eyelash extensions are perfect for the volume technique. As experienced eyelash stylists, we love using them.

With their exceptional quality and natural comfort, they set new standards in the eyelash extension industry. They add a touch of elegance and glamour to every look. With our M arches you can create breathtaking moments for your customers.