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Eyelash glue original 3ml deep black

Eyelash glue original 3ml deep black

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The perfect eyelash glue: quality in 0.5 seconds

When it comes to professional eyelash bonding, the right glue is crucial. An eyelash glue that dries in 0.5 seconds is a true miracle cure for eyelash stylists and their clients. Designed to meet the highest demands, this glue offers a variety of benefits that make it an essential tool for every season.

Fast and precise:

With a drying time of just 0.5 seconds, this eyelash glue allows for quick and precise application. This means less waiting time for your customers and a more efficient way of working for you.

Deep black and medium-liquid consistency:

Our eyelash glue is available in a deep black that gives the eyelashes a seductive look. The medium consistency ensures that the glue is easy to handle and applies evenly.

Long hold:

The lashes are meant to last for weeks, and that's exactly what this glue offers. It ensures a strong and reliable hold for up to 6 weeks, which can withstand even adverse conditions.

Low Irritation:

We know how important it is that your customers feel comfortable. Our eyelash glue has been specially developed to cause as little irritation to the skin and eyes as possible.

Oil-resistant and waterproof:

No matter whether your customers sweat, bathe or go to the sauna, this eyelash glue lasts reliably. It is oil-resistant and waterproof, so lashes stay perfect even in extreme conditions.

Latex-free and cruelty-free:

Our eyelash glue is latex-free and has not been tested on animals. We focus on quality and ethics in every phase of product development.

For beginners and professionals:

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned professional, this eyelash glue is easy to use and consistently delivers impressive results. It is suitable for both the 1-to-1 technique and the volume technique.

Overall, with a drying time of 0.5 seconds, our professional eyelash glue is the perfect choice for all seasons. It offers the highest quality, durability and comfort for both eyelash stylists and their customers.

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