Eyelash training combo 6 techniques in one day

Eyelash Training Combo 6 in 1


6 eyelash techniques in one day!

Training Combo: Become an expert on the latest eyelash trends!
Do you want to take your skills to the next level and impress your customers? With our exclusive training "Combo" we offer you the perfect opportunity to do so!

For experienced eyelash stylists

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Learn the latest trend in the world of eyelash extensions!


Learn how to professionally apply eyelashes with M and L curls to visually enlarge the eyes and create the coveted almond-shaped look.

We'll give you valuable insight into how to adapt this method to different eye shapes for optimal results. No matter whether you have round eyes or droopy eyelids, we'll show you how you can create your own foxy eye look.

In our course you will learn what is important with this technique to achieve great results. We share valuable tips and tricks to help you use the Foxy Eye technique safely and effectively.

The course is aimed at experienced eyelash stylists.