Matte Minklashes for volume technique

Mink Matt Lashes 0.07


bow (curle)

Discover the ultimate elegance with our mink eyelashes for the volume technique!

Field of use:

2D technology, small volume, 2D to 6D

Mink Matt Wimpern für professionelle Wimpernverlängerung, Volumen Technik

Here's what makes our mink lashes so special:

1. Highest Quality: Our mink eyelashes are made from the finest synthetic materials - Korean PBT fiber to ensure they are lightweight yet durable. These lashes are carefully crafted to ensure a natural look.

2. Our mink eyelashes have a thickness of 0.07 mm, which is perfect for volume technique (2D to 6D). They allow you to apply multiple lashes to one natural eyelash for a full and luxurious effect.

3. Wide range of lengths: We offer a variety of lengths, from 6 mm to 14 mm, so you can choose the look you want for your clients.

4. Different Arches: Our mink eyelashes are available in different arches including B, C, CC, D and DD.

5. Natural Gloss Black: The eyelashes come in a slightly glossy black that mimics natural eyelashes and ensures a seamless transition.