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SpeedUp Lashes - LASH GANG

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Discover our SpeedUp-Lashes – more than just lashes, they are a masterpiece crafted from lightweight Korean fibers. Whether it's 2D volume or other techniques, they exceed expectations, mimic natural lashes, and set standards in quality and technology.

The innovative Double-Layer technique makes fan creation effortlessly easy, suitable for both beginners and experienced professionals. With the Easy-Fan technique, you can effortlessly create fans and increase your work speed.

Each strip has a silver backing for easy removal of lash extensions.

Experience the future of eyelash extensions – order now and enjoy an exclusive discount of to 50%!

Field of use:

Volume technique, Russian volume, Hollywood lashes, whispy effect, wet effect, Kim Kardashian look

Speed Up lashes 0,06 für Professionelle Wimpernverlängerung Jede Volumen Technik

Create subjects faster and easier

The Double Layer Technology makes creating lash fans easier than ever. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned professional, our SpeedUp lashes are suitable for everyone. The Easy Fan technique allows you to create fans effortlessly and increase your working speed.

Easy to remove eyelashes

Each strip has a silver carrier film on the back, which makes the eyelash extensions easy to remove.

Experience the future of eyelash extensions with our SpeedUp Lashes and order today!

Optimize your working time

The average material used for an eyelash extension worth €80 is around €4, which corresponds to 5%. However, the greatest expense in this beauty treatment is the working time, which can be between 60 and 90 minutes.

Create eyelash fans up to 50% faster

This is where our SpeedUp Lashes, also known as EasyFan Lashes, come into play. With these innovative eyelash products, you can reduce your working time by up to 50%, at only a slightly higher cost. These groundbreaking lashes not only enable you to work more efficiently, but also guarantee an outstanding result.

Invest in your future by choosing SpeedUp Lashes. A time- and cost-efficient solution that will not only optimize your workflows, but will also delight your customers with impressive results.

Treat yourself to the benefits of innovative eyelash products and increase the efficiency of your services.