Soft Silk Eyelashes

Soft Silk Lashes 0.15mm


bow (curle)

Our eyelashes with a natural black tint and fascinating shine that makes your eyes shine.

With a thickness of 0.15 mm, they offer comfort and precision for the classic 1-to-1 technique.

Choose between different sturdy arches, including B, C and D, for the ideal eye make-up.

Field of use:

Technology 1to1

Silk lashes, Seiden Wimpern für Professionelle Wimpernverlängerung von Bjulity

The incomparable beauty of our eyelashes is revealed in their natural black shade and their fascinating shine, which refines your appearance and makes your eyes shine. The eyelashes are available in a variety of MiX lengths from 7 mm up to 14 mm and allow you to create the perfect look according to your individual wishes.

With a thickness of 0.15 mm, our lashes not only offer a light and comfortable feel, but also allow for precise application for the classic 1-to-1 technique. Our range also includes various stable arches, including the option-rich B, C and D, which allow you to choose the ideal curl for your desired eye make-up.