Eyelash tweezers Sweetheart Swan

Eyelash tweezers Sweetheart Swan


Our Swan eyelash tweezers are made of high quality stainless steel for durability and precision.

The fine tip allows for precise work for various eyelash techniques. Lightweight at just 17 g and 12 mm long, it sits securely and comfortably in the hand.

The optimized design makes handling easier for an efficient workflow.

Field of use:

Wimpern Pinzette typ Swan für Volumen Technik von Bjulity

High-quality material: Made of premium nickel-free stainless steel, our Swan type eyelash tweezers ensure durability and precision.

Precise tip: The fine and precise tip allows for effortless work, ideal for precise creation of eyelash fans and flawless application.

Versatile: Our tweezers are perfect for a variety of methods, including classic and volume lash techniques, making them a must-have for professional eyelash stylists and beginners.

Light and handy: With a weight of only 17 g and a length of 12 mm, these tweezers sit securely in the hand and ensure comfortable and precise work.

Optimized design: The 8 mm wide arms ensure the ideal distance and facilitate handling during eyelash extension, resulting in an efficient and effortless workflow.


Give your clients a professional lash experience with our high quality Swan eyelash tweezers.