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Eyelash tweezers Sweetheart "The One" Premium

Eyelash tweezers Sweetheart "The One" Premium

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Welcome to our online shop! We are pleased to introduce you to our bestselling eyelash tweezers for professional eyelash extensions. Made of high quality, nickel-free stainless steel, in gold color, our tweezers are rust-proof and of the highest quality. The fine and precise tip has the perfect angle to give you a flawless application.

Our tweezers are ideal for both the classic method and the volume technique and are therefore perfect for both beginners and professional eyelash stylists.

Weighing just 12g, it is super light and allows you to work for hours without causing any fatigue.

With a length of 11 mm, it fits securely in your hand and allows for precise application. The distance between the arms is 8mm, allowing you to close the tweezers effortlessly, ensuring precise and comfortable work.

Discover the finesse and precision of our eyelash tweezers and experience how they make your professional eyelash extensions an effortless and precise experience.

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