Time saving

For an eyelash extension worth €80, the material costs are around €4 (5%). The main expense is the working time of 60-90 minutes. With our SpeedUp-Lashes (EasyFan-Lashes) you can reduce the working time by up to 50%, with minimal additional costs.


High-quality products are essential for successful eyelash extensions. Precise tweezers with sharp edges and a good grip not only allow you to work quickly, but also to produce high-quality results. In contrast, cheap and blunt tweezers will significantly lengthen the process. Invest in quality to increase efficiency and achieve outstanding results.


A high-quality eyelash glue is the key to successful eyelash extensions. Fast drying, long-lasting hold and the avoidance of eye irritation are the outstanding advantages. Using a first-class glue not only shortens the working time, but also optimizes comfort for the customer.

Invest in quality to ensure impressive results and satisfied customers.