Eyelash tweezers 90-degree nude

Eyelash tweezers 90-degree nude


Discover our 90-degree eyelash tweezers from the exclusive Nude collection, specially designed for professional eyelash extensions. Made from high-quality, nickel-free stainless steel and coated in an elegant teddy color, this tool combines quality and style.

  • Versatile and user-friendly
  • Erfonomic design

Field of use:

1to1, 2to1, Small volume, short eyelashes

90-degree angle and good grip

Our 90 degree eyelash tweezers from the Nude collection for professional eyelash extensions are made of high-quality, nickel-free stainless steel and coated with a teddy color. The fine and precise tip has a 90 degree angle to give you a flawless application. The handles have a diamond pattern that gives you a secure grip without slipping, effectively preventing hand fatigue.

Our tweezers are ideal for both the classic method and the volume technique, making them perfect for both beginners and professional eyelash stylists.

Weighing just 18g, it is lightweight and allows you to work for hours without causing fatigue.

The tweezers are 11.7 mm long, sit securely in your hand and allow for precise application. The distance between the arms is 6 mm, so you can close the tweezers effortlessly, ensuring precise and comfortable work.

The tweezers come with a hygienic storage box.