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Saint Tropez - Tote bag "Maxi"

Saint Tropez - Tote bag "Maxi"

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Trendy tote bag made of linen and cotton: Saint Tropez

Looking for the perfect, trendy tote bag? The "Saint Tropez" bag might be exactly what you need. This elegant and versatile bag is not only a fashion statement, but also a sustainable and reliable companion for your daily adventures.

Sustainable materials, longevity in focus

The "Saint Tropez" tote bag is made from a unique combination of jute, one of the strongest natural fibers, and cotton. This choice of material not only gives the bag an attractive look, but also ensures remarkable durability. Jute and cotton are natural raw materials that are biodegradable and have minimal impact on the environment. In this way, you can not only emphasize your personal style, but also make a contribution to environmental protection.

Versatility for every occasion

Whether you're shopping, going to work or spending a day at the beach - the "Saint Tropez" tote bag is suitable for every occasion. With enough space and a sturdy construction, you can easily store your most important items, from books to shopping to beach towels. The generous dimensions and durable materials make this bag a reliable companion for all your needs.

Elegant design, stylish appearance

The design of the "Saint Tropez" tote bag is simple yet timelessly elegant. With a neutral color scheme and clean lines, this bag will complement almost any outfit. The spacious interior pocket allows you to safely store your small valuables while you're on the go. The bag also features sturdy handles that fit comfortably over your shoulder, giving you an effortless carrying experience.


The "Saint Tropez" tote bag is more than just a bag; it is a statement for style and sustainability. With its unique material combination of jute and cotton, it not only offers impressive durability but also environmental friendliness. No matter where your day takes you, this versatile bag will meet your needs and complement your appearance in style.

Invest in quality and style - choose the "Saint Tropez" tote bag and experience the perfection of a sustainable, trendy companion.

The bag is sold without assessors (cloth).

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