Eyelash shampoo hemp (Lashfoam) 60 ml

Eyelash shampoo hemp (Lashfoam) 60 ml


Our eyelash foam with hemp extract gently and effectively cleanses make-up without causing skin irritation.

Each 60 ml bottle improves eyelash structure, keeping them healthy and shiny. Made in Germany, it offers excellent foaming and contains high-quality ingredients for soothing care.

Field of use:

Eyelash care, eyelash degreasing

Wimpernschaum für Professionelle Wimpernverlängerung

Our Eyelash Foam is the ultimate solution to gently and effectively remove your makeup. The unique formula lathers up beautifully and cleanses your lashes thoroughly without irritating your skin. Each bottle contains a generous 60ml of our highly effective product that improves your lash structure while keeping them healthy and shiny.

Why should you choose our eyelash foam with hemp extract?

Our product has been extensively tested to ensure it meets the highest standards and there is no compromise on quality.

Our eyelash foam is proudly made in Germany, a country known for its precision and quality in manufacturing.

Our formula is particularly gentle on the delicate eye area and eyelashes. You can be sure that you are offering your customers the best care.

Our eyelash foam offers a luxurious and rich foam that makes cleaning the eyelashes and eye area a pleasant experience.

Our bottle contains 60ml of our amazing eyelash foam, ensuring you'll get a long-lasting product you'll love.

Our eyelash foam with hemp extract contains high-quality ingredients that your customers will love. It not only provides a thorough cleanse but also has a soothing effect on the skin and eyelashes