Set accents with our turquoise colored eyelashes

ACAPULCO Colorlashes - Turquoise


Discover our unique colored eyelashes, specially designed to make your eyelash extension techniques even more unique.

*Included in delivery: 1x eyelash tray in 0.07 D Curl 7 to 14 mm

Field of use:

Color eyelashes for volume technique

Turkis Wimpern 0,07 D Bogen für Professionelle Wimpernvernstylistinen

Discover our unique colored eyelashes, perfect for techniques such as the Kim Kardashian method, ombre look, wet effect and whispy effect. Give your eyelash extensions a special touch with our high-quality, versatile eyelashes.

With a stable bow and a long lasting
Color intensity, our eyelashes offer a long-lasting and impressive

* Turquoise can contrast beautifully with brown eyes and make them stand out.