Recognizing reputable providers

Despite the vast range of cosmetic training courses available, there are a few characteristics that can help you distinguish good providers from bad ones:

The price

An expert would never sell his knowledge below price!

This means that a training course worth 250 euros is not always a good investment.

A good eyelash stylist can earn an average of 400 euros a day.

As a specialist, would you then offer an 8-hour training course for 250 euros?

Exceptions are special or group workshops.

The reviews

Take a little time and find out more about the provider!

Contact former course participants and ask them for their honest opinion.

Reviews on Google can also be helpful.

We introduce you to some of our course participants on our website and on social media.

The training duration

To be able to convey knowledge properly, you need time!

A 4-hour crash course for eyelash stylists to learn basic knowledge is not necessarily effective!

Even working on the model (the practical part) can sometimes take up to 4 hours for beginners.

The number of participants

Especially with beginners, it is important that the trainer gives them maximum attention!

This is difficult in a course with more than two participants.

In this case, a basic course should ideally be an individual one-on-one course so that the trainer can focus exclusively on the course participant and respond to their requirements.

However, this is not necessarily the case for courses with more advanced participants.

The seriousness

A reputable provider makes no secret of its prices!

A professional trainer should therefore present his offer, including prices, content and duration, in detail and transparently on his website.

Unless he has something to hide.


Call us and get advice!

A reputable provider will be happy to advise you in detail in order to put together the right course(s) for you.

He will also ask you what your current level of knowledge is and what your goal is.

A reputable trainer will respond to your needs!

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The professionalism

Does the provider have its own training rooms?

Having your own studio usually means that the trainer is successful in his field! Also find out how long the trainer has been working in this field.

If he has been working in the industry for many years, he usually knows what is important!