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Eyelash tweezers Gold Straight

Eyelash tweezers Gold Straight

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High-quality stainless steel: Our eyelash tweezers are made of high-quality stainless steel, which makes them particularly durable and robust.

Fine and precise tip: The fine and precise tip of our tweezers allows you to precisely separate and handle even the smallest and finest eyelash.

Suitable for professionals and beginners: These tweezers are suitable for both experienced eyelash stylists and beginners who are just starting out with eyelash extensions.

Light and handy: Weighing just 15 g, these tweezers are super light and fit comfortably securely in the hand.

Practical dimensions: With a length of 12.1 mm and an arm width of 7 mm, the tweezers allow you to work comfortably and precisely without compromising on handling.

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