Natural silk eyelashes for an elegant look

Natural Silk Lashes 0.10 mm LASH GANG

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bow (curle)

Dazzling shine: Our Silk Lashes are specially designed to create an impressive shine.

Field of use:

Method 1to1, Method 2D

Silk lashes, Seiden Wimpern für Professionelle Wimpernverlängerung von Bjulity

Natural black elegance: With a touch of natural blackness, our Silk Lashes give your eyelashes an elegant yet authentic look that perfectly rounds off your overall look. Versatile application: Perfect for various techniques, including the classic 1-to-1 procedure or 2-to-1 method. A variety of lengths: Choose from an extensive selection of lengths ranging from a subtle 7 mm to 14 mm. This variety allows you to create the perfect look. Precise thickness: With a thickness of 0.10 mm, our Silk Lashes offer an ideal balance between weight and durability. This precision makes it possible to complement the natural eyelash hair without adding unnecessary weight or compromising comfort. Stable arches of your choice: Choose from a variety of stable arches, including B, C and D